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NT24 (Nurse Triage) provides Coventry’s employer clients with direct access to our expert nurses 24/7 to assess and manage on-the-job injuries. Based on a thorough assessment of the injured worker's symptoms, our nurses provide education and information to assist the injured worker to access the correct treatment setting and care for their injury.  Our goals include reduced claim exposure, less time off work, increased network penetration, and improved employee morale. 

Success of the program is evidenced by our high rate of client satisfaction.  According to a large retail employer, "Nurse Triage is working very well; we are consistently pleased with this program.  We have significantly less claims this year over last year at the same time and we believe a lot of this is because of the Nurse Triage Program.  They do a wonderful job in consulting with our injured workers and identifying the next steps.  Our entire organization believes in this program and feel it has made a big difference."

Telephonic Triage Article
Click here to read an article recently published that highlight one of Coventry's NT24 nurses.

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Case managers help to return injured workers to work in a safe and timely manner.

Telephonic Case Management

Ensures appropriate treatment and return–to-work plans are established.

Coventry announced today that it has been awarded re-accreditation for its workers’ compensation case management and utilization review programs from URAC.
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