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State Resources

Most Coventry documents are stored on our provider portal And you can find more direction and clarification on specific states at the links below.

State-specific information

In addition to information stored on our portal, the following links are provided on key states where Coventry offers network programs.

  • Fully bundled program: Coventry acts as either the certified entity or the support for a client's certification by supplying all the services under the MCO regulations.  We provide fully bundled MCO services in the following states: AR, CA, CT, FL, GA, IL, KY, NH, NJ, NY, OK, SD, TX, and WV.

  • Network only program: Coventry provides all appropriate network documentation to support a client's certification.  We provide network-only MCO services in the following states: AR, CA, CT, FL, GA, IL, KY, MA, NH, OK, TX, and WV.

  • See the state links below to access more information where appropriate.



The Arkansas Provider Reference Manual and MCO documents can be found at



DWC offers Free Online Access to Evidence-Based Treatment Guidelines.  Click here for more information.  

New Laws Affecting Opioid Prescriptions in California in effect 1/1/19

AB1753 – requires controlled substance security prescription forms to include a unique serialized number in a format approved by the DOJ. Click here for more information.

AB2760 – requires opioid prescribers to offer a prescription for naloxone (an overdose-reversing drug) if specific circumstances are met including:  Opioid prescribed is 90 MME+ per day, or prescribed in combination with a benzodiazepine, or to an individual at risk for overdose.  Click here for more information/details.

California Drug Formulary

The California Department of Industrial Relations’ Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) adopted a drug formulary for the medical treatment of injured workers effective January 1, 2018.  Click here for more info.

The links to resources and documents below offer information for providers relative to California Workers Compensation and MPN requirements.

The following CA documents can be found on >

• Economic Profiling Policy

• California Client List

• California Impairment Ratings Requirements

• Guidelines for Medical Reporting

• California MPN Provider Reference Manual

To confirm which MPN(s) you participate in please visit our MPN Provider Information >

Physicians treating in the California workers' compensation system are required to follow the evidence-based recommendations in the DWC medical treatment utilization schedule (MTUS). Click here to find the California Division of Workers Compensation Physician Education module.


The Connecticut MCP Provider Reference Manual can be found at


The Florida Provider Reference Manual and MCA Bulletin(s) can be found at


The Georgia Provider Reference Manual can be found at


The Illinois Provider Reference Manual and other documents can be found at


The Kentucky Provider Reference Manual and other documents can be found at


The Louisianna Client list can be found at


The Massachusetts Provider Reference Manual can be found at


There are two separate legal entities under the Coventry umbrella that handle products and services in Minnesota, each with their own role and function.

Coventry Workers’ Comp Services (“CWCS”)

CWCS understands the challenges the current workers’ compensation environment and regulations present to our customers, and that developing a comprehensive solution to contain health care and disability costs can be a complex undertaking. CWCS provides employers, insurers and claims payors a variety national and state-specific medical management solutions that can help. These services include in-network and out-of-network medical claims review and re-pricing, access to specialized Preferred Provider Organizations ("PPOs"), early intervention and other cost management and related services. CWCS provides claims agent services and related activities; Coventry Rehabilitation Services, Inc. (“CRS”) provides Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant Services, as described in detail below. 

Coventry Rehabilitation Services, Inc. (“CRS”) 
CRS is a registered Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant Firm (“QRC Firm”) in Minnesota that provides statutory vocational rehabilitation services performed by Qualified Rehabilitation Consultants (“QRCs”) as well as disability case management (“DCM”) services. All services provided by CRS and its QRCs in Minnesota comply with state mandated rules, statutes and regulations. 

A QRC is an objective participant, and conducts the rehabilitation consultation, writes the rehabilitation plan, including return to work goals and estimated costs for the claims adjuster, provides rehabilitation services, and guides the delivery of rehabilitation services by others. More specifically, the QRC may provide the following services: rehabilitation consultation, medical management, on-site job analysis, coordination of return to work (same or new employer), job modification, functional capacity evaluation, transferrable skills analysis, work evaluation, work hardening, job seeking skills training, job development, post placement follow-up, academic skills enhancement, vocational counseling, vocational testing, on the job training, labor market surveys, exploration of retraining, administrative duties (i.e. letter, reports or forms), attend legal proceedings, or incur other expenses. Examples of QRC prohibited activities include: authorizing medical services, auditing bills, promoting independent medical exams, among others. 

CRS may also provide DCM services for workers’ compensation claims when the qualifying criteria for QRC services have not been met on a claim, but are provided pursuant to the parties’ agreement. DCM services may include: medical management, on-site job analysis, coordination of return to work (same employer), job modification, or other administrative duties (i.e. letters, reports or forms). Any individual performing DCM services on a claim that also holds a QRC registration should conform to the same standards of practice outlined above.

Web Resources

To learn more about workers’ compensation functions in Minnesota, please click these links below:


The Montana Provider Reference Manual can be found at


The Nebraska Provider Reference Manual can be found at

New Hampshire

The New Hampsire Provider Reference Manual can be found at

New Jersey

The New Jersey Provider Reference Manual can be found at

New York

The New York Provider Reference Manual can be found at

Provider Expansion for WCB Authorization

In order to implement Senate Bill 1505, the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) has adopted amendments to the regulations. These adopted amendments include a new regulation (12 NYCRR § 323.1) that describes the process for applying for WCB authorization to treat injured workers. Other adopted amendments integrate the new provider types into the Medical Treatment Guidelines variance request process (MG-2) and non-treatment guidelines requests for authorization (C-4 AUTH).

Under this new law, the newly authorized provider types that will now be able to serve as an attending under the workers’ compensation system include duly licensed acupuncturists, nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, physical therapists, physician assistants, and licensed clinical social workers.

All provider types (existing and newly authorized) are encouraged to view the following video for instructions on how to sign up for the WCB’s Medical Portal.

For more information about the expanded provider law, including an overview and FAQ, please visit the WCB website.



The Oklahoma CWMP Provider Reference Manual can be found at

The online provider directory can be found here. 

The Oklahoma CWMP Dispute Instructions and Dispute Resolution Form can be found here. 

South Dakota

The South Dakota Provider Reference Manual can be found at


Texas Department of insurance DWC Offers Health Care Providers and Staff Webinar Series - Click here to learn more!

In the state of Texas, Coventry has developed Health Care Network (HCN) solutions for employers who subscribe to the workers' comp system and fee-for-service programs for employers who do not subscribe.

HCN Solutions

Coventry's Health Care Network (HCN) in Texas is designed to provide employers greater control of injury care, reduce lost-time costs and improve medical only-lost time ratios. HCNs are offered only to employers who subscribe to the workers' comp system.

The TX HCN Provider Reference Manuals for Coventry, First Health, Texas Star Network, Zenith and Genex-American Airlines can be found at

Texas non-subscribers do not participate in the Texas Workers' Compensation system.  Non subscribers must create their own occupational illness and injury plan and Coventry can support those employers by offering them a network to use as a part of their plan. These fee for service plans are not available to those who subscribe to an HCN plan regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance and/or Division of Workers' Comp.

Please contact Coventry for more details on our subscriber and/or non-subscriber offerings.

Texas Closed Pharmacy Resources 

Effective July 1, 2018 the Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation (TDI-DWC) will adopt changes to the Texas Closed Formulary for network and non-network claims. More information is available at:

The Division of Workers’ Compensation has created a pharmacy resource web page providing information about the Texas closed pharmacy formulary, pharmacy fee guideline and other related pharmacy rules. The Texas closed pharmacy formulary is applicable to injuries occurring on or after September 1, 2011. The associated pre-authorization requirements will be applicable to certain legacy claims after September 1, 2013.

Client Specific Information

Helpful Links:

Texas HCN Product Attachment (Exhibit 1) >

Texas Certified Workers' Compensation Networks >

Texas Department of Insurance >

TDI Medical Fee Guidelines >

Texas Insurance Code >

Texas Administrative Code >

Official Disability Guidelines >

International Academy of Independent Medical Evaluators >

American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine >


The state of Virginia begins a state fee schedule effective 1/1/2018. 

See the state of Virginia for more details.

  • Tentative state fee schedule . . . 

West Virginia

The West Virginia Provider Reference Manual can be found at

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