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2020 Year in Review

December 28, 2020

We can all agree that 2020 was a year filled with uncertainty, anxiety, and change. Despite the challenges, here at the Coventry we stayed focused on our clients and injured workers and continued to provide the quality content our readers have come to rely on. We are grateful to our followers and would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who read, shared, and promoted The Sounding Board blog during our inaugural year. We aim to bring useful topics and insights on the issues affecting the work comp industry.

Read on for a summary of our top five blog posts of the year.

Top 5 blog posts

#1 – Coventry’s Drug Trends Series is the big winner again this year.

Most viewed Drug Trends post: Top-Ranking Drug Classes in 2019

This piece was first published in June making it one of the earliest pieces in the Coventry Drug Trends Series. As the title suggests, this piece reviews the top-ranking drug classes in 2019 and shows changes from 2018. It’s no surprise opioids ranked as number one. What’s special about this article is the exclusive look at the three classes with higher increases after opioids, providing some very insightful data on why those drug classes rose in rank.

Other popular posts in our drug tends series:

#2 : Tips from Coventry Employees for Working from Home

Many employees were sent to work from home for the first time earlier this year. Coventry has always had a mix of employees working from home and in the office. We decided to reach out to our work from home employees (old and new) and see what tips they could share. This popular blog piece was published in April.

#3: Not all victims of workplace trauma sustain physical injuries

When this piece was published in February, we didn’t realize how relevant it would be. It gained so much attention for being such an important and insightful read, that our subject matter experts wanted to talk more about it. We will host a one hour, CEU eligible webinar in early February that will shine a light on mental health in workers’ comp. If you’re interested, check out our webinars page for details:

#4: COVID-19-Related State Budget Shortfalls and Resulting Impacts to Workers’ Comp

This piece discusses the economic impacts associated with COVID-19, short and long term. Originally published in July, it received a lot of recognition for the in-depth analytical look into what is causing shortfalls and how different states have responded.

#5: Workers’ Compensation – A plus for providers who participate

While this piece was recently published in December, it received industry wide recognition for highlighting the benefits of networks, not just for providers, but injured workers and payers alike.

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Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year!