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    Referral Forms and Contacts

    Please choose service below: 

    Specialty Network Referrals

    Field Case Management

    Medical Cost Projections

    Telephonic Case Management

    Independent Medical Review  


    Refer by phone for immediate response

    For 24/7 Crisis Response call 888.552.5378

    For 24/7 Catastrophic Case Management call 888.736.3272

    For all other Clinical referrals call 866.445.7286


    Provider Network Applicants

    Join our network
    By phone: 800.937.6824

    If you are a participating provider (or staff member) with a question, contact us.

    By phone: 800.937.6824
    By email: cssupport@cvty.us.com

    Have questions? Please visit: www.coventryprovider.com


    Can we help you resolve a complaint or grievance?

         Attention: Coventry Complaints & Grievances
         5210 E. Williams Circle, Suite 220
         Tucson, AZ 85711

    *A copy of the Coventry Complaint & Grievance process is available upon request.

    Media Inquiries

    By phone: 610.964.5213
    By email:  tom.kerr@enlyte.com

    Have a question about purchasing Coventry Solutions or a request for proposal to send us?

    If you have a question about purchasing Coventry Solutions contact us: 

    By phone: 800.790.8662
    By email: info@cvty.us.com


    If you have a proposal you would like us to respond to:

    By phone: 800.790.8662
    By email: cwcs_proposals@cvty.us.com

    The more information that claims adjusters or nurses have, the better decisions they can make. With Coventry Connect, you can see all activity on a claim and receive customizable alerts. 

    For more information on Pharmacy Benefit Management, visit Mitchell ScriptAdvisor. 

    To find a First Script pharmacy click here.

    We Can Help You Find the Answers

    Whether you have a question about our services, need to make a referral, or are a provider needing assistance, we are happy to help. 

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    5210 E. Williams Circle, Suite 220, Tucson, AZ 85711


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