Outcomes-based Network Program

Better Care and Lower Costs

Outcomes-based network providers are benchmarked against their peers in areas like claim duration, medical utilization, indemnity spend, and overall claim costs, delivering superior outcomes and cost-effectiveness for all stakeholders involved.

A Philosophical Shift

We understand the key differences between access-focused and outcomes-focused network models. Expansive provider selection criteria including medical, pharmacy, and indemnity financials, as well as return-to-work and clinical outcomes.

  • Shift from individual transactions to entire claim outcomes
  • Collaborative program design, data submission, and shared expectations that differ from traditional access-focused models
  • Active channeling to OBN providers vs. pre-program channeling rates
  • Providers who have meet the criteria to be included in Coventry's OBN program are identified for those clients who choose to implement this program.
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