State Certified Networks

State-Certified Networks

With certified networks in 15 states, our expertise ensures your needs are covered.

Network Programs

Fully Bundled or Network Only—It’s Your Choice

Many states allow certified network programs designed to closely manage workers’ compensation injuries and costs. Our certified networks manage medical costs and return-to-work outcomes without compromising quality of care. In addition, Coventry monitors legislative and regulatory changes in these states to ensure continued compliance and identify opportunities for program enhancements and modifications.

State-Specific Solutions

Fully Bundled Program

In our fully bundled programs, we can act as the certified entity or support your own certification by supplying all the services required under the MCO regulations. We provide fully bundled MCO services in Arkansas, California (MPN), Connecticut (MCP), Florida (MCA), Georgia (MCO), Illinois (PPP), Kentucky (MCP), New Hampshire, New Jersey (MCO), New York (PPO), Oklahoma (CWMP), South Dakota, Texas (HCN), and West Virginia (MHCP).

Network-Only Program

In our network-only programs, we provide all appropriate network documentation to support your certification. We provide network-only MCO services in Arkansas (MCO), California (MPN), Connecticut (MCP), Florida (MCA), Georgia (MCO), Illinois (PPP), Kentucky (MCP), Massachusetts (PPA), New Hampshire, New Jersey (MCO), Oklahoma (CWMP), Texas (HCN), and West Virginia (MHCP).

State-Specific Workers’ Comp Information

Coventry understands the challenges the current workers’ comp environment and regulations present to our customers and that developing a comprehensive solution to contain health care and disability costs can be a complex undertaking.

Need More Information?

We work with providers in the Coventry, First Health, FOCUS, and MetraComp networks in the applicable states. Clients should direct questions from network providers to 800-937-6824


National Resources

The following links are provided as a resource for all or many states:

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