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Interested in joining one of the largest networks in the country? We can help. Whether you participate for workers’ comp, auto, or both, the benefits are endless.

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At Coventry we are always looking for quality providers that effectively engage in treatment for a broad range of injuries. 

At this time, our panels are closed, and we are not accepting new applications.  Please check back routinely to stay apprised of our panel status. We will update this site when we are open for new applicants.

You can visit our network solutions page to learn more about the networks we offer.

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Whether you are looking for Provider Manuals, a list of Coventry clients, or researching a bill status, our provider portal is all you need. 

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Curious what facilities, specialists, or ancillary providers you should refer to?  Our provider search engine eliminates the guesswork.

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Once on the site, search for your name or practice, scroll to the far right column, click the icon to update your demographic info.

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If you are a provider and interested in moving away from paper billing, please contact our clearinghouse, Jopari Solutions, at 866.269.0554 for more information. 

Growing Your Practice with Network Referrals

To learn more about how direction of care works, how referrals can bring additional patients to your practice, and how you can help grow your practice, we encourage you to watch this video. Gain valuable insights and take advantage of the opportunities presented to expand your network and increase patient volume. Don't miss out on the chance to enhance your reputation as a Coventry network provider.

Auto Channeling

Although auto insurance payers may not always have the opportunity to actively direct injured parties to participating providers, injured parties may locate you in a variety of ways: through their employee benefits plan, after being treated by you previously, locating you through an online provider directory or toll free number, or by recommendation of a trusted associate or family member.

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Access our state resource page for key states with information to share

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Updates and announcements from Coventry

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