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Pharmacist going over prescription with customer
Pharmacist going over prescription with customer
Pharmacist going over prescription with customer

First Script®

Pharmacy Benefit Management - First Script is now a part of Mitchell Pharmacy Solutions.

Better Visibility, Better Outcomes

Mitchell Pharmacy Solutions, is the leading PBM solution for workers’ compensation and auto casualty providers. As the most complete PBM solution, we leverage innovative technology, data analytics, and clinical expertise to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients. Through an integrated approach, Mitchell Pharmacy Solutions gives you complete control over all pharmaceutical claims, including those provided by one of our more than 70,000 retail network pharmacy partners and those captured through the bill review. This unifies all forms of patient treatment into a single view, allowing for the most clinically appropriate management of pharmacy benefits including effective integration with utilization management.

Our innovative PBM solution includes:

  • Robust Point-of-Sale Utilization Controls at over 70,000 Retail Network Pharmacies
  • Home Delivery Mail Order Pharmacy
  • Custom Formulary Design, including Jurisdictional and Injury-Specific programs
  • Expert Clinical Pharmacy Management Services
  • Integrated Technology and Workflows
  • Extensive Reporting, Analytics and Program Insights
  • Dedicated Customer Service team

To learn more about Mitchell Pharmacy Solutions and for new business inquiries, please click here.

For First Script Customer Service, please contact us at 800-791-2080 or at

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