Workers' Comp

What Makes the Coventry Network Different Than Other Networks?

May 1, 2023

Kate Farley-Agee

Vice President, Network Product Management

The Coventry Network is a national directly contracted workers’ compensation and auto network that has been investing in provider relationships for more than four decades, allowing us to deliver exceptional network solutions to you. We believe that developing strong provider relationships leads to better patient outcomes.

Through our ongoing network investments, Coventry can:

  • Secure excellent negotiated rates
  • Maintain a robust network with vetted providers
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Support providers, so that providers can focus on patient care
  • Optimize client networks
  • Maintain provider quality
  • Develop network products to fit every client's needs

Our network offers over 860K network providers, 5k hospitals, 15 state certified networks and 46 outcomes-based network jurisdictions. The network solutions we offer range from broad-based to state certified, outcomes-based solutions and more. This flexibility allows Coventry to offer products to meet all your jurisdictional needs in workers’ compensation and auto markets.

We also have 65+ provider contract negotiators throughout the country with experience in the dynamic and complicated workers’ compensation and auto markets.

These dedicated experts help negotiate and renegotiate competitive contract rates on behalf of our clients. An additional 100+ dedicated support and network management resources work with those providers to ensure that they understand how to best meet the needs of the injured individuals they serve.

With 70+ dedicated regulatory and compliance experts that are 100% casualty focused we are continually monitoring impactful changes on a state-by-state level, which translates into stronger provider relationships.

Our analytics team continually optimizes and analyzes our networks; including identifying new providers based on utilization and services, locating opportunities to maximize impact based on any new regulations, diagnosing network performance and rating improvement opportunities. This team works with you to optimize your networks to secure adequate coverage and impact.

As part of our ongoing investment in our Network, we have developed a rigorous credentialing process designed to comply with NCQA and URAC. We will dive into more specifics on credentialing in a future post.

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