Workers' Comp

10 reasons to include a pharmacy nurse in your workers’ compensation program

June 4, 2019

What is a pharmacy nurse?

Pharmacy nurses are specially trained case managers who focus on at-risk claims due to emerging and complex pharmacy utilization, and communicate with prescribing physicians, injured workers, and claims handlers to positively impact drug utilization. By using a wider lens to manage all aspects of the claim, these nurses:

• Ensure patient engagement, safety, and education

• Confirm pharmacy utilization is medically appropriate and supports a timely recovery

• Enable timely medical stability and return-to-work

• Consult with case managers when complex pharmacy issues are identified on open claims

• Provide consultation to claims handlers on pharmacy questions and issues

• Review monthly pharmacy trend reports

• Collaborate with clinical pharmacists on alternative medications

• Utilize drug utilization assessment (DUA) to assist in provider discussions

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