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MetraComp offers a proprietary website to provide important self-service options as an efficient alternative to calling or emailing for information and support. After successfully registering, access the portal to verify bill status and payment details, obtain client lists and access state manual and other important information to help you manage your business with MetraComp. Visit to register and if you need assistance, contact the Provider support team at:


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Senate Bill 1505

In response to Senate Bill 1505, the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) has adopted amendments to the regulations. These adopted amendments include a new regulation (12 NYCRR § 323.1) that describes the process for applying for WCB authorization to treat injured workers. Other adopted amendments integrate the new provider types into the Medical Treatment Guidelines variance request process (MG-2) and non-treatment guidelines requests for authorization (C-4 AUTH).

Under this new law, the newly authorized provider types that will now be able to serve as an attending under the workers’ compensation system include duly licensed acupuncturistsnurse practitioners, occupational therapists, physical therapists, physician assistants, and licensed clinical social workers.

All provider types (existing and newly authorized) are encouraged to view the following video for instructions on how to sign up for the WCB’s Medical Portal.

For more information about the expanded provider law, including an overview and FAQ, please visit the WCB website.


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MetraComp New York Provider Update

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